There are about 1000 species of Acacia in Australia. Luckily in Perth there are slightly less than this! Below are images of just a few of the Acacias that can be found within 100km of Perth:

Note: F- April to Aug means that this plant generally flower from April to August.

Winged Wattle (Acacia alata) flowers from April to October.
Coastal Wattle (Acacia cyclops) F: September to January
Glowing Wattle (Acacia celastrifolia) F: April to August.
Acacia drewiana flowers from April to July
Rigid Wattle (Acacia cochlearis) F: July to October.
Drummond’s Wattle (Acacia drummondii) F: July to October
Acacia huegelii flowers in Spring & Summer
Acacia multispicata flowers from March to October
The introduced Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha) F: Spring
Acacia stenoptera F: mostly May to September
Grass Wattle (Acacia willdenowiana) F: June to Oct.
Introduced Flinders Range Wattle (Acacia iteaphylla)
Acacia nervosa flowers in June to October
Golden Wreath Wattle (Acacia saligna) F: Spring
Acacia teretifolia flowers in May to July
The introduced Acacia longifolia F: July to September
Prickly moses (Acacia pulchella) F: July to December.
Acacia sessilis flowers in July to October
Acacia urophylla flowers in May to September