I started this blog in June 2018. My plan is to provide a bit more commentary about some of my tours, the local environment and also some of my own travels within Western Australia. The blog will provide some more details and some pictures which are difficult to include on the Highlights page.

Swampy September Wildflowers, September 2020

Green Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos viridis) flowers August to Oct.

Walking Beeliar Wetlands Part 3, August 2020

There were a lot of Black Swans on Kogolup Lake.

Walking Beeliar Wetlands Part 2, August 2020

Grey Fantail at South Lake.

Walking Beeliar Wetlands Part 1, July 2020

The boardwalk that goes through the swamp at Piney Lakes is shaded by many paperbarks and has several information signs along the walkway.

Mid October Wildflower Update, October 2019

Calytrix sylvana is a small shrub that flowers from August to October

Mid September Wildflower Update, September 2019

Coral Vine (Kennedia coccinea) flowers from August to November.

Early August Wildflower Watch, August 2019

Prickly Hovea (Hovea pungens)
Prickly Hovea (Hovea pungens) is a prolific flowerer from June to November.

Three Different Bird Photography Tours, July 2019

While not one of Donna’s target species, this White-breasted Robin posed a few meters from us while we were looking for Gilbert’s Honeyeater. Unfortunately I had my camera in my bag when Donna photographed her target birds but she was within 3 m to 15m for the three species on her list that she was looking for.

Two full days birdwatching in Perth, April 2019

A pair of Western Yellow Robin came delightfully close to us as they hunted in the late morning.
A pair of Western Yellow Robin came delightfully close to us as they hunted in the late morning.

Wildflowers, Waterfalls and Wildlife tour, August 2018

Lesmurdie Waterfall
Lesmurdie Falls in August 2018 are looking spectacular!

Two full days of birdwatching from Perth, July 2018

Splendid Fairy-wren
We saw a big family of Splendid Fairy-Wrens on our last day. This non-breeding plumage male was very relaxed in our presence.

Birdwatching weekend in Dongara, June 2018

Coal Seam RP Jun18 DSC_4202a
Coal Seam Conservation Park near Dongara