Two full days of Birdwatching near Perth

Walter from Hawaii had visited Australia before but had never been to Perth. He is a keen bird photographer and was interested in seeing and photographing a wide variety of species when he came on two full day tours with Perth Birds and Bush. Top of his wish list were a number of ducks, parrots, cockatoos, raptors and the fairy-wrens in breeding plumage.

On our first day we headed north east of Perth to the Wandoo Woodlands in the Avon Valley, with morning tea at Northam Weir in the heart of Northam. We meandered along the Avon looking for raptors and other target species and finally had lunch in Toodyay. On the way back into Perth we visited Noble Falls briefly before some time at Herdsman Lake and Lake Monger. It was a great day of sunshine and no wind perfect for birdwatching and enjoying the sights and sounds of our beautiful bushland and wetlands! We saw a total of 64 species on our first day.

This female Mistletoebird was oblivious to our presence as she collected a spider for morning tea!
The farming areas in the Avon Valley are a good spot to see Crested Pigeon! But they can also be found in the outer suburbs of Perth.
Yellow-billed Spoonbill
A Yellow-billed Spoonbill was yawning as we left Herdsman Lake in the late afternoon.

On our second day we headed south visting several wetlands before heading east to the Jarrah/Marri Forests of the Darling Range in Jarrahdale. We had morning tea at Wellard Wetlands and lunch in the garden of a local café in Jarrahdale. After lunch we headed back onto the Swan Coastal Plain and drove thru farming areas to see birds that are more prominent in farms and then went back up into the Jarrah/Marri forest of the Darling Range. We managed to see another 23 species on our second day bringing the total for the trip to 87 species. Many of these species were photographed by Walter!

Splendid Fairy-wren
We saw a big family of Splendid Fairy-Wrens on our last day. This non-breeding plumage male was very relaxed in our presence. Luckily Walter also saw and photographed a beautiful male in full breeding plumage!
Red-winged Fairy-Wren
This male Red-winged Fairy-Wren was a real poser and very friendly too!

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