Swampy September Wildflowers

Wow it’s that time of the year! The Wildflowers are looking magnificent and there are hundreds of different species in bloom in and around the Perth Metropolitan area.

One type of habitat that really appeals to wildflower lovers but is poorly misunderstood by the general public are swamps, creek flood plains and damp lands. They have a great species diversity as they tend to have wet, damp and dry ground which provide a mix of different flower groups. Some of the stunning September flowers in these damp areas are below:

Green Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos viridis) flowers August to Oct.
Dwarf Milkmaids (Burchardia multiflora) July to October.
Rusty Spider Orchid (Caladenia ferruginea) flowers in Sept and October.
Cowslip Orchid (Caladenia flava) flowers July to November.
Comesperma ciliatum flowers from September to December.
Bee Orchid (Diuris laxiflora) flowers from September to November.
Drosera menziesii is a carniverous plant that flowers from September to October.
Swamp Rainbow (Drosera heterophylla) flowers from June to September.
Butterfly Plant (Philydrella sp.) flowers August to November.
Fringed Leek Orchid (Prasophyllum fimbria) flowers from June to September.
There are 4 small Stylidium species in this photo in a creek edge damp land.
Daddy-long-legs (Stylidium divaricatum) flowers from September to December.
Foot Triggerplant (Stylidium ecorne) flowers September to November.
Jumping Jacks (Stylidium longitubum) flowers in Spring.
Pinafore Triggerplant (Stylidium obtusatum) flowers from September to November.
Thumbellina Triggerplant (Stylidium pulchellum) flowers from Sep to Dec.
Blue Lady (Thelymitra crinita) flowers September to December.
Vanilla Orchid (Thelymitra antennifera) flower from July to October.
Twisted Sun Orchid (Thelymitra flexuosa) flowers September to October.
Pink Petticoats (Utricularia multifida) flowers in July to December.

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