There are about 1000 species of Acacia in Australia. Luckily in Perth there are slightly less than this!

Below are images of just a few of the Acacias that can be found within 100km of Perth:

Winged Wattle (Acacia alata) flowers from April to October.
Coastal Wattle (Acacia cyclops) flowers from September to January
Glowing Wattle (Acacia celastrifolia) flowers from April to August.
Acacia drewiana flowers from April to July
Rigid Wattle (Acacia cochlearis) flowers from July to October.
Drummond’s Wattle (Acacia drummondii) flowers from July to October
Acacia huegelii flowers in Spring to Summer
Acacia multispicata flowers from March to October
Introduced Flinders Range Wattle (Acacia iteaphylla) flowers Mar to Sept.
Acacia nervosa flowers in June to October
The introduced Acacia longifolia flowers in July to September
Prickly moses (Acacia pulchella) July to December.
The introduces Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha) flowers in Spring
Acacia stenoptera flowers mostly in May to September
Golden Wreath Wattle (Acacia saligna) flowers Spring
Acacia teretifolia flowers in May to July
Acacia sessilis flowers in July to October
Grass Wattle (Acacia willdenowiana) flowers in June to October
Acacia urophylla flowers in May to September