Bush Birds

The images below are of some of the birds found in the Perth area. With their English name / Nyoongar name. Nyoongar names from “Aboriginal names of birds species in south-west Australia, with suggestions for their adoption in common usage” by Ian Abbott 2009 and “Birds of Western Australia” by Serventy and Whittell 1948 with name closest to Perth used on this web page.

Emu / Wadje are uncommon resident birds found around the edges of Perth.
Laughing Dove are a common introduced bird found in Perth.
Common Bronzewing
Common Bronzewing / Ooda are uncommon residents of Perth.
Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo / Gnolak is endemic to Perth & the south west.
The Western Corella / Mannich is found can only be seen on a full day tour.
Western Rosella
Western Rosella / / Koontonkoonton are endemic to Perth and the southwest.
Elegant Parrots / Koolederong are uncommon and declining in Perth.
Pallid Cuckoos are uncommon to rare in Perth.
Pallid Cuckoos / Djoodorn are uncommon to rare in Perth.
Laughing Kookaburra
Laughing Kookaburra is a common introduced species in Perth.
Rufous Treecreeper
The Rufous Treecreeper / Djinni is uncommon to Rare in Perth
Red-winged Fairy-Wren / Djurjeelya are found in the Perth Hills.
White-browed Scrubwren
Spotted (White-browed) Scrubwren / Goorgal are a common but shy species.
Western Thornbill
Western Thornbill / Djoboldjobol are uncommon in Perth.
Spotted Pardalote
Spotted Pardalotes / Widopwidop are uncommon in Perth.
Brown Quail / Mooritj are uncommon and cyptic residents of Perth.
Spotted Dove are a common introduced resident of Perth.
Crested Pigeon
Crested Pigeon / Mennabroonka are uncommon in Perth.
Baudin's Black-Cockatoo
Baudin’s Black-Cockatoo / Gnolak is endemic to Perth & the southwest.
Little Corella
Little Corella / Djayarra are common in Perth and further north and east.
Australian Ringneck Parrot
Australian Ringneck Parrots / Dowarn are very common in Perth.
Regent Parrot / Wookonga are uncommon to rare in the Perth.
Fan-tailed Cuckoo
Fan-tailed Cuckoo/ Doolar is uncommon in Perth.
Sacred Kingfishers / Koonyenok are in Perth from September to March.
Splendid Wren
The male Splendid Fairy-wren / Djurjeelya is common in Perth.
Variegated Fairy-wren
Variegated Fairy-wren are uncommon. This image is a male in moult.
Western (Rufous) Fieldwren / Boolerdoo are rare & about 2 hours from Perth.
Yellow-rumped Thornbill
Yellow-rumped Thornbill / Djidbotare a common and widespread species.
Striated Pardalote
Striated Pardalotes / Widopwidop are common in Perth.
Painted Button-Quail / Murolum are uncommon and very cryptic birds.
The Rock Dove or feral pigeon is a common introduced species in Perth.
Galah / Biako is a very common bird in Perth and the south west.
Red-tailed Black-cockatoos / Karak are a common species in Perth.
Long-billed Corella
Long-billed Corella has been introduced from eastern Australia.
Red-capped Parrot
Red-capped Parrots /Djarrainboordang are endemic Perth & the southwest.
Rainbow Lorikeets were introduced to Perth and a very common.
Shining Bronze-Cuckoo
Shining Bronze-Cuckoo are uncommon & usually seen in Winter to Summer.
Rainbow Bee-eaters are common in Perth during Spring and Summer.
Rainbow Bee-eaters / Birinbirin are common during Spring and Summer.
Blue-breasted Fairy-wren are uncommon and 1 hours drive from Perth.
This is a female White-winged Fairy-wren. They are uncommon in Perth.
Weebill / Kiderbot are a common species and the smallest bird in Australia.
Inland Thornbill / Djoobedjoolbong are common birds in Perth.
White-browed Babblers / Gnowen are uncommon & found east of Perth.
Red Wattlebird
Red Wattlebirds / Doongorok are a very common species in Perth.
Brown Honeyeater / Djindjoko are very common residents of the Perth area.
Yellow-plumed Honeyeater are found east of Perth on a full day tour.
Western Wattlebird
Western Wattlebirds / Djoongong are found in Perth & southwest Australia.
Singing Honeyeater
Singing Honeyeaters / Dooromdoorom are very common species in Perth.
New Holland Honeyeaters / Bandin are a very common bird in Perth.
Western Spinebill
Western Spinebill / Booljidt are found in Perth & southwest Australia.
Tawny-crowned Honeyeater
Tawny-crowned Honeyeaters / Wyrodjodong are uncommon in Perth.
White-Cheeked Honeyeater
White-cheeked Honeyeater / Bandin are common in Perth.
Brown-headed Honeyeaters / Djiok are uncommon & 1 hours drive from Perth.
Gilberts (Western White-naped) Honeyeater is an uncommon bird in Perth.
Gilberts (Western White-naped) Honeyeater / Djinki is uncommon.
Yellow-throated Miner / Bilyagorong are uncommon in Perth.
White-fronted Chats/ Wabawilban are uncommon residents in the Perth region.
Crimson Chat are nomadic birds that sometimes visit the edges of Perth.
Crested Shrike-Tits / Koorbitkoorbit are uncommon birds found east of Perth.
White-fronted Chats/ Wabawilban – female
Varied Sittella / Goomaldedite are uncommon residents of Perth.
Western Whistler
The Western Whistler / Bedilmedong is a recent split from the Golden Whistler.
Crimson Chats are nomadic dry land birds that sometimes visit the edges of Perth.
Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike
Black-faced Cuckoo-shrikes / Gnoolako are common in Perth.
Rufous Whistler
The Rufous Whistler / Bambon is a common and widespread species.
Grey Shrike-Thrush / Koodelong are uncommon residents of Perth.
Australian Magpie
The Australian Magpie / Koorbat is a very common species throughout Perth.
Magpie-Larks / Dilabot are very common birds and seen throughout Perth.
Grey Fantail / Koodjinok are delightfully common residents of Perth.
Restless Flycatcher
The Restless Flycatcher / Djidengot is an uncommon species found east of Perth.
Hooded Robin (male) / Koobamodjin are rare and found 1 hours drive from Perth.
Western Yellow Robin
Western Yellow Robin /Bamborn is an uncommon species in Perth.
Little Grassbird are found in Perths lakes, rivers and swamps.
Welcome Swallow
Welcome Swallows / Koonamit are very common throughout the Perth area.
Silvereye / Djoolwedelong are a very common and widespread bird.
Red-eared Firetails / Boorin are uncommon birds that are found in the hills in Perth.
Black-faced Woodswallow
Black-faced Woodswallow / Bewoen is uncommon in Perth. Often in rural areas.
Grey Butcherbird / Waddowadong are a common resident bird of Perth.
Grey Currawong / Djilok are uncommon resident birds of Perth.
Willie Wagtail
The Willie Wagtail / Jittejitte is a very common and widespread species.
Scarlet Robin
Scarlet Robin / Kooba are an uncommon but widespread species.
Hooded Robin (female) are uncommon to rare and found 1 hours drive from Perth.
Jacky Winter are uncommon to rare and found east of Perth.
Rufous Songlark / Eroledel are uncommon summer migrants to Perth.
Tree Martins / Kabikolongkorong are common birds in the Perth area.
A male Mistletoebird / Moonidjidong. These are uncommon birds in Perth.
Red-browed Finch have been introduced to a few places in the perth hills area.
Dusky Woodswallow / Bewoen are uncommon residents of Perth.
Pied Butcherbird / Koodjieko are common residents about 1 hours drive from Perth.
Australian Raven
Australian Raven / Wardang are very common in Perth and surrounding areas.
White-winged Triller / Goomulcullong are uncommon nomads to the Perth area
Red-capped Robin / Menekedang are uncommon and 1 hour from Perth.
White-breasted Robin
White-breasted Robins / Boydjil are only found in Perth & southwest Australia.
Australian Reed-warbler / Koorgee koorgee are uncommon.
Brown Songlark/ Yedjoolop are uncommon summer visitors to Perth.
White-backed Swallow / Budibudi are uncommon residents of Perth.
A female Mistletoebird is much plainer than the male with just a red vent area.
Australasian Pipit / Eroldel are becoming less common in Perth.