Early August Wildflower Watch

August is not the peak wildflower season in Perth but it is a time when many of the wildflowers are starting to bloom. You will see individual flowers open from a variety of species rather than large areas of colour. There are enough flowers blooming now to fill your flower rainbow!

So what is flowering now in the Perth area? I am glad you asked! Some of the flowers out now are depicted below.

Small flowered Donkey orchid (Diuris porrifolia) flowers in July to September.
Silky Blue Orchid (Cyanicula sericea) flowers in spring.
Silky Blue Orchid (Cyanicula sericea) flowers in spring.
Catkin Grevillea (Grevillea synapheae)
Catkin Grevillea (Grevillea synapheae) flowers from July to October.
Lambertia multiflora
Many-flowered Honeysuckle (Lambertia multiflora) flowers from June to December.
Caladenia flava
Cowslip Orchid (Caladenia flava) flowers from July to December.
Catspaw Anigozanthos humilis
Catspaw (Anigozanthos humilis) flowers from July to October.
Cockies Tongues (Templetonia retusa)
Cockies Tongues (Templetonia retusa) flowers from April to November.
Honeybush can be seen on a wildflower tour
Honeybush (Hakea lissocarpa) flowers in May to September.
Grevillea pilulifora
Woolly Grevillea (Grevillea pilulifora) flowers from April to December.
Myrtle Hakea (Hakea myrtoides) flowers from July to August.
Isopogon asper flowers from June to October.
Swamp Rainbow (Drosera heterophylla) flowers from June to September.
Prickly Hovea (Hovea pungens)
Prickly Hovea (Hovea pungens) is a prolific flowerer from June to November.
Pepper and Salt (Philotheca spicata) flowers from June to November.
Banksia Armata
Prickly Dryandra (Banksia armata) Flowers in June to September.
White Myrtle (Hypocalymma angustifolium) flowers from June to October.
Firewood Banksia (Banksia menziesii) flowers from February to October.
Prickly moses (Acacia pulchella) July to December.

It is definitely a good time to get out into the bush to take in the beauty that surrounds us. Bush walking and looking at wildflowers is a great way to take a mindful break from our high paced lives. Be in the moment observing nature by looking, smelling, feeling the texture of the leaves and bark and listening to the sounds of our glorious natural areas!

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