Mid September Wildflower Update

Wow! The wildflowers are really looking beautiful at the moment but still not quite peaking yet. The spots that will become a blaze of colour still have quite a bit of green peaking thru the colourful blooms. Many of the carnivorous plants of the genus Drosera are flowering with Orange, Pink and White flowers (see some images below). Quite a few of the orchids are also flowering now.

The aroma as you walk through the hills is amazing! The Karri Hazel is absolutely at its best and, with the scientific name of Trymalium odoratissimum, you can understand that they have a strong perfume! The Honey Bush (Hakea lissocarpha) is also still covered in white flowers and fills the air with it’s sweet perfume.

Some of the flowers out now include:

Milkmaids (Burchardia umbellata)
Milkmaids (Burchardia umbellate) are a common and widespread wildflower.
Mayweed Sunray (Hyalosperma cotula) flowers from July to December.
Verticordia acerosa
Verticordia acerosa flowers August to November in the Darling Scarp.
Acacia drummondii
Drummond’s Wattle (Acacia drummondii) is found in the Perth Hills.
Vanilla Orchid (Thelymitra antennifera) flower from July to October. There flower centers look like faces with very long yellow noses!
Coral Vine (Kennedia coccinea) flowers from August to November.
Pimpernel Sundew (Drosera glanduligera) is carniverous and flowers from August to November.
The Red and Green Kangaroo Paw is the state floral emblem for Western Australia.
Adenanthos barbiger
Adenanthos barbiger is found in the Perth hills and flowers most of the year.
Drosera menziesii is a carniverous plant that flowers from September to October.
Sticky Starflower (Calytrix glutinosa) flowers September to October.
Sowerbaea laxiflora
Purple Tassels (Sowerbaea laxiflora) flowers from August to November.
Native Wisteria (Hardenbergia comptoniana) flowers from July to October.
Orthrosanthus laxus
Morning Lily (Orthrosanthus laxus) flowers August to November.
Blue Squill (Chamaescilla corymbosa) flowers in August and September.
Lechenaultia biloba
Blue Lechenaultia (Lechenaultia biloba) flowers from July to December.

It is great to see many people out and about enjoying our wildflowers and natural parks at the moment. Last weekend, when on a Wildflower, Waterfall and Wildlife tour, some of the carparks were very full with cars as many local families and visitors were enjoying the scenery. I urge you to get outdoors and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us here in Perth while it is looking spectacular and while the weather is absolutely brilliant!



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