Orchids of the Perth Region

There are at least 430 orchid species in Western Australia and over 1700 species within Australia. About 95% of Australian Orchids are only found in Australia. The images below are just some of the Orchid species that can be found within 100km of Perth.


Carousel Orchid (Caladenia ariencola) flowers August to October.
Common Dragon Orchid (Caladenia barbarossa) flowers in spring.
Dancing Spider Orchid (Caladenia discoidia) flower from August to Oct.
Green Matis Orchid seen on a Perth Wildflower tour.
Green Mantis Orchid (Caladenia falcata) flowers in spring.
Blood Orchid (Caladenia filifera) flowers from August to September.
Cowslip Orchid (Caladenia flava) flowers in July to December.
Late Red Cowslip (Caladenia flava ssp Brookton Hwy) flowers Sept and Oct.
Crimson Spider Orchid (Caladenia footeana) flowers July to October.
White Spider Orchid (Caladenia longicaudia)
White Spider Orchid (Caladenia longicaudia) flowers in Spring.
Clubbed Spider Orchid (Caladenia longiclavata) flowers Spring.
Leaping Spider Orchid (Caladenia macrostylis) flowers August to Nov.
Dwarf Pink Fairies (Caladenia reptans) flowers from July to October.
Caladenia Splendens
Splendid White Spider Orchid (Caladenia splendens) flowers in spring.
Darting Spider Orchid (Caladenia uliginosa) flowers September to Nov.
Silky Blue Orchid (Cyanicula sericea) flowers in spring.
Silky Blue Orchid (Cyanicula sericea) flowers in spring.
Common Donkey Orchid (Diuris corymbosa) flowers August to October.
Bee Orchid (Diuris laxiflora) flowers September to November.
Small flowered Donkey orchid (Diuris porrifolia) flowers in July to Sep.
Purple Enamel Orchid (Elythranthera brunonis)
Purple Enamel Orchid (Elythranthera brunonis) flowers August to October.
Pink Enamel Orchid (Elythrathera emarginata)
Pink Enamel Orchid (Elythrathera emarginata) flowers Sept to December.
White Bunny Orchid (Eriochilus dilatatus) flowers March to May.
Hare Orchid (Leporella fimbriata) flowers March to June.
Rabbit Orchid (Leptoceras menziesii) flower in September to November.
Rattle Beaks (Lyperathus serratus) flowers from September to October.
Blue Beard (Pheladenia deformis) flowers May to October.
Fringed Leek Orchid (Prasophyllum fimbria) flowers from June to Sept.
Dainty Leek Orchid (Prasophyllum plumiforme) flowers Sept to November
Bird Orchid (Pterostylis barbata) flowers July to September. 
Jug Orchid (Pterostylis recurva) flowers August to October.
Red Beaks (Pyrorchis nigricans) flowers August to October after a fire.
Thelymitra antennifera
Vanilla Orchid (Thelymitra antennifera) flowers in spring.
Leopard Orchid (Thelymitra benthamiana) flowers in spring.
Blue Lady (Thelymitra crinita) flowers September to December.
Twisted Sun Orchid (Thelymitra flexuosa) flowers Sept to October.
Shy Sun Orchid (Thelymitra graminea) flowers October to November.
Scented Sun Orchid (Thelymitra macrophylla) flowers August to Oct.