The Stylidiaceae family is always a favourite for young and old with there snapping triggers! Unfortunately, when we were children wandering around the bush and clicking off the triggers we were denying the next plant of it’s pollen!

Below are just a few of the Triggerplants from the Perth area. Florabase is the best site for identifying information and provide information on all the species in Western Australia but the ones below may be a good starting point!


Queen Triggerplant (Stylidium affine) flowers from October to November.
Stylidium androsaceum flowers in Spring.
Pink Fountain Triggerplant (Stylidium brunonianum) flowers in late spring.
Circus Triggerplant (Stylidium bulbiferum) flowers Oct to November.
Golden Triggerplant (Stylidium ciliatum) flowers from Sep to Dec.
Donkey Triggerplant (Stylidium diuroides) flowers in spring.
Daddy-long-legs (Stylidium divaricatum) flowers from Oct to Dec.
Foot Triggerplant (Stylidium ecorne) flower September to November.
Stylidium eriopodum flowers from October to November.
Needle-leaved Triggerplant (Stylidium leptophyllum) flowers in late Spring.
Sunny Triggerplant (Stylidium lineatum) flowers in October to Nov.
Jumping Jacks (Stylidium longitubum) flowers in Spring.
Pinafore Triggerplant (Stylidium obtusatum) flowers in spring.
Common Butterfly Triggerplant (stylidium piliferum) flowers in spring.
Thumbellina Triggerplant (Stylidium pulchellum) flowers from Sep to Dec.
Matted Triggerplant (Stylidium repens) flowers anytime of the year.
Cow Kicks (Stylidium Schoenoides) flowers in August to November.
Delicate Triggerplant (Stylidium thesioides) flowers in October to Dec.