Sundews and Rainbows

The sundews and rainbows are from the genus Drosera. They are carnivorous plants and use their sticky leaves to trap insects. Some of the Drosera in the Perth area are shown below:

Leafy Sundew (Drosera Stolonifera) flowers in Spring.
Drosera hyperostigma flowers in October to November.
Bridal Rainbow (Drosera macrantha) flowers June to October.
Red Ink Sundew (Drosera bulbosa) flowers April to June.
Showy Sundew (Drosera macrophylla) flowers June to October
Swamp Rainbow (Drosera heterophylla) flowers June to Sept.
Giant Sundew (Drosera gigantea) flowers in August to October.
Pimpernel Sundew (Drosera glanduligera) flowers in August to October.
Pink Rainbow (Drosera menziesii) flowers from June to November.
Drosera drummondii flowers in spring.